Sal Giglio

Sal GiglioMy name is Sal Giglio. I was born in Italy and started singing at the age of 8 years old. My parents decided to send me to a fine arts school after noticing my talent. I took both music and voice lessons at this school. I was fortunate to study with the best voice teacher in Sicily. I started singing professionally in theaters and concert halls at an early age. Growing up in the music industry, I became quite famous in Southern Italy.

My voice became an instrument thanks to the fantastic coaches who taught me technique and gave my voice an easy sound  with a perfect vibrado. This makes the sound very sweet and is also able to project to people with a wonderful joyful feeling. This technique that I have learned along with some of the tricks of to how to use the throat and the opening of the mouth   help to teach a beautiful interpretation of all songs. My technique is classical which is called Bel Canto and means beautiful singing. I believe that learning my technique makes it easy to sing any style of music, It does not just apply to Opera. Any style is easy once the technique is learned, there are no restrictions.

At the age if 18 I came to this country. I went strictly into music. Doors started to open to a much better position. I started to perform in big theaters and clubs in New York. I performed in Chicago in the Orchestra Hall, the Eighth Street Theater and also worked on Rush Street.and The Edgewater Beach Hotel. I then came to California I worked many clubs in the LA and San Francisco area. Finally about 20 years ago I decided to share my technique with others by teaching voice lessons. My results have been great as shown by my students comments on my home page.

The reason my studio is called Miracle Voice Lessons is that my technique truly works like a miracle. Call and find out for yourself. The initial consultation/appointment is free.

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